NEXX Helmets becomes brand partner of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS


Currently, helmets, besides an important protective equipment, can also be seen as a fashion accessory when placed in the urban context of scooter or bike rides, as well as skiers on the speedways, or other leisure activities, such as horse riding.

From simple yet modern luxe design, Luna the new motorcycle helmet from NEXX Helmets showcases the mystery and beauty of the moonlight combining premium materials and the renowned precision of Swarovski Crystals.

Luna (spanish word for “Moon”) features an innovative selection of velvety fabrics and light color crystals that afford the contemporary woman and any couture gown.

Designed with the collaboration of 8 fashion forward women, Luna presents an interesting story behind: the placement of the crystals on both sides of the helmet is based on different constellations: to reach final pattern, eight women randomly chose one constellation each (8 is the number of the different Moon phases/shapes). To each woman was asked then to randomly select several stars.

By merging the multiple selections, the final result was a vibrant and exquisite design of a night sky.

  • NEXX avec beaucoup de nouvelles à Cologne


    Avec une nette augmentation du volume des ventes sur le marché européen et présence régulière dans les grandes expositions, NEXX a présenté sa nouvelle collection à la foire Intermot, tenue à Cologne, en Allemagne, qui garantie satisfaire toutes sortes de motards! SX.100 est le nouveau casque et la grande nouveauté de la collection NEXX Helmets 2017.

  • EICMA 2015


    NEXX Helmets was present once again at EICMA , the biggest event in the world dedicated to 2 Wheels , with a lot of novelties for the next season.



  • Switx SX.10 primé par webBikeWorld


    NEXX Helmets Switx SX.10 élu le "Casque de moto de l'année» et «Moto Produit de l'année» par webBikeWorld

  • Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles 2014


    The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles it is the only Rally Raid for women only.

  • NEXX in Moriwaki Cup


    NEXX Helmets will support the young riders of the 250 Junior 2014 Moriwaki Cup that will appear on the starting grid with NEXX Helmets, equipped with the new X.R2

  • NEXX Helmets stars in Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics


    The US Bobsled teams made the headlines in Sochi, taking home their first medal in the sport in 62 years.

  • NEXX Helmets signs partnership with SENA


    NEXX Helmets announces the recent partnership with Sena Technologies Inc, a Bluetooth innovator in the motorcycle and outdoor activities

  • EICMA 2013


    NEXX shows the future molded in the form of a helmet for 2014. NEXX Helmets presented its new products at EICMA 2013.

  • Nexxpro obtains RDI certification


    In the past 5 July 2013 NEXXPro obtained the certification of its management system for Research, Development and Innovation

  • VEDETT Mototours


    NEXX Helmets a signé cette année un partenariat avec VEDETT® ///// MOTOTOURS une agence italo-allemande spécialisée en voyages et promotion du Moto Tourisme

  • Rallye Aicha des Gazelles 2013


    En 2013 Nexx a de nouveaux équipé les équipes officielles ISUZU avec des modèles personnalisés.

  • NEXX XR1.R a gagné le comparative dans le prestigieux magazine allemand Motard


    Douze des meilleurs casques intégraux du marché ont été soumis à des rigoureux testes de route et de laboratoire

  • NEXX Helmets becomes brand partner of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS


    Nowadays helmets can also be seen as a fashion accessory when placed in different urban contexts.

  • Intermot 2012


    NEXX HELMETS was present once again at the INTERMOT fair held in Cologne between days 3 and 7th of October 2012.

  • Moche


    The TMN campaign «MOCHE TRAS AMIGOS” challenges young people between 12 and 25 years to invite their friends to join the Moche plan; in exchange they win various prizes.

  • Ivo Lopes termina o ano no Top 10


    After 14 races, the 2012 edition of the Red Bull Moto GP Rookies Cup came to an end.

  • Ben Truslow


    In a tragic accident at the April 2012 WERA races in Las Vegas, Ben\'s dream of becoming the NEXX Ben Spies were put on hold.

  • NEXX X30.V dans la nouvelle publicité de Verizon!


    Verizon a lanc�© sa nouvelle publicit�© qui a la pr�©sence subtile d\'une version modifi�©e du mod�¨le de X30.V NEXX!

  • NexxPro est une organisation certifiée ISO 9001 par TÜV Rheinland Portugal


    NEXXPRO, la même année, il obtient d\'abord le statut de PME Líder, annonce être une organisation avec un système de gestion de qualité certifié ISO 9001 par TÜV Rheinland Portugal.

  • NEXX a été l´un des partenaires officiels du Sapo Prix 2011


    NEXX a été l\'un des partenaires officiels du Sapo Prix 2011.

  • Rallye Aicha des Gazelles


    NEXX mis en évidence dans l\'édition 2012 du Rallye des Gazelles, en équipant les onze équipes officielles Wolkswagen Amarok

  • HUGO BOSS Motorcycle Helmet HB.02


    Inspired by the retro design of the Italian 1950’s, the second edition of the HUGO BOSS motorcycle helmet transfers the relaxed and easy feeling into modern design



    NEXX-USA a annonce cette annee la formation de la nouvelle equipe Rotobox / NEXX.