ACT Pyrenees is a spectacular long trip crossing all the Pyrenees Mountain range, from the Mediterranean Sea, to the Atlantic Ocean. The starting point is Cap de Creus, the easternmost point of mainland Spain and the Iberian Peninsula. The finish is in San Sebastian on the Atlantic coast, after 5 stages and 1160 km of adventure roads.

What you can expect from this trip: one mix of nice tarmac curving roads and amazing dirt roads with infinite landscapes on the top of the mountains. On these five stages, you will cross the country borders eight times between Spain, France, and Andorra.


The first day of ACT Pyrenees starts at the Mediterranean Sea at Cabo de Creus directly at the lighthouse.
If you are staying at a nearby hotel make sure that you are going there before sunrise. The sun rises above the sea with a spectacular view of the surrounding coast.

The first hours the track goes inland on tarmac roads for the first 2 hours so that you can grove into the curves, the bike, the landscape, the group before you are heading into the first offroad sections to test your abilities. The 210 km of day one has about 40% offroad and 60 % tarmac from the distance point of view, but like always you probably spend some time on the offroad sections, depending on the weather conditions. It leads you into the mountains close to the border to France and gives you a light impression of the complexity of the track, A fairly lightweight day, still quite a distance with an ending in the beautiful town of Set cases.


Day 2 starts in the beautiful region of Set cases and we can only suggest to start the day early.

After a few km the tarmac switches to nice offroad tracks and goes high up into the mountains. Be aware if it is weekends, since the locals are going there with their offroad vehicles as well. The views are fantastic, the roads are great and you spend most of the day high up in the mountains. This day has about 230km and you will spend quite some time offroad, so rather 60 % offroad this day, but nice and fast tracks. Be aware of the last section into Andorra. It is the smugglers trail and goes up to 2000 meters and with bad weather conditions it is slippery, muddy and not an easy section. You will end this day in Andorra, please be aware that this last section can take 3 hours, so make sure you are in time for dinner and select your hotel in advance since Andorra is a tourist spot. (There is a tarmac alternative for the last section of the day via the regular road from La Seu d´Urgell into Andorra).


Leaving Andorra at dusk is perfect.

It is a busy city and the offroad track goes again high up into the mountains with a beautiful 7 km descent into the valley which can be slippery and challenging with Rain or snow, but with reasonable weather conditions it is spectacular. (there is an alternative on road track via La Seu d´Urgell and Adrall and Sort to meet the group again on the C28). There is quite some offroad during this day and big landscapes, big mountains, crossing into France and back to Spain, Different levels of Tracks from Challenging to fast and fun. It is also a long day but some of the tarmac sections are fast and connect you especially at the end of the day to civilization. We have ended the day in a small town at a nice hotel with a restaurant nearby located perfectly for a great start into day 4, which will be the longest day of the trip. Probably a 50/50% on road /offroad day, but the offroad passages take their time and are so beautiful you want to spend lots of time there for pictures and views of the landscape.


Is another great day on the road and it is the longest day of the track with 265 km.

After some tarmac km we immediately go into the offroad section. This day is a bit more relaxing, even when some of the offroad passages are a bit steep. But the offroad part is maybe only 40%, nevertheless we have plenty of small tarmac roads with thousands of curves and sometime you switch from on road to offroad 5 times per hour. The mountains are not that big any more, it is more civilization but the forest roads are more mystic and hidden. We enjoy those curvy roads, relax a bit tour bones and muscles but never have the chance to relax our mind, whether tarmac or dirt, all sections are curvy and small and there might be traffic on the road. It is a long day, so make sure you have plenty of time. The day ends in a hidden village that especially off season is only inhabited by some hikers who enjoy the remote mountain region.


Day 5 the last day of the adventure country tracks Pyrenees.

The region is different, more fences, more people, more regular roads, but always backcountry. Some challenging offroad sections combined with fast curvy tarmac hidden in the valley and forests of northern Spain and southern france. If you want to end your day at the coast in San Sebastian you have a good day ahead of you and can decide if you want to final your trip with a last challenging offroad passage even I fit is only a few km. Arriving at the ocean is special. You made it from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. We end the track officially on the other side of the city at a great lookout. If you want to continue to Bilbao to catch a flight, store your motorcycle or whatever, make sure you spare a good 2 hours for the highway section. If you have more time…return via France?

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