“Explore, a little at a time…”

NEXX Riders | Riding Time

Two people, two motorcycles and a whole world to discover, but what’s the rush?

“We want to explore it a little at a time!”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “adventure” as “an unusual, exciting or dangerous experience, journey or series of events”. For some people this means backpacking around the world, for others it’s their first-time camping, but for our NEXX Riders, an adventure is anything that makes them feel alive and allows them to experience new things.

“Riding Time starts as a way for us to share our adventures and experiences. We want to offer a candid and honest look at places to eat, gear, bikes, places to visit and roads to travel. Since Riding Time became a reality in December 2016, things have changed a bit…”

It all starts when Natalia puts her fears aside and decides to jump off her horse and onto the back of Iñigo’s motorcycle. It didn’t take long for her to get hooked and less than a month later she had her first 125cc motorcycle, a Honda CBF125! While the bike was great, it was the experiences and thrill of riding a motorcycle for Natalia riders to get the full motorcycle charter 6 months later, soon followed by Riding Time’s first trip to Land’s End.

Iñigo is a Safety Manager, is 35 years old and has an indefinable passion for everything that has an engine. As his mother reminds him, his first ‘words’ were an imitation of the sound of an engine! His passion for motorcycles has always been there, but when he moved to England, he got ‘grabbed’.

Motorbikes and travel are among Iñigo’s main passions, along with Judo and computers. Like any good hobby, riding a motorcycle takes up most of Iñigo’s free time. For him, motorcycling is not just the machine, but meeting people, discovering hidden places, exposing yourself to the elements and learning about different cultures.

Natalia, 27 years old, is the manager of a Trauma Centre. She loves to explore the world on foot, with her dog Luna or on two wheels. Interestingly, Natalia didn’t care about motorcycles and almost only knows the motorcycle she owns, unable to name other models. Instead, Natalia prefers to pay attention to what the bike offers her; sense of freedom when traveling across borders, fulfilment when turning and the ability to breathe in the views when reaching the top of a mountain. Motorcycling is it!

For the couple who make up Riding Time, motorcycling clearly means more than just riding a motorcycle – building a community. They are excellent full-time professionals and enjoy their jobs because they also depend on them for a living. Packing everything and traveling the world is not an option, but neither is it a desire. Naturally, the original concept of the blog evolved and now, Riding Time organizes “events” to meet people in order to enjoy adventures, however long they may be, always together.

Riding Time wants to travel the world, but as they say, “explore, a little at a time…”.

“By traveling the world, we let into our lives all the people who are also traveling, and their adventures become ours too!”

For this, they organize events for different companies, such as the giant Touratech. These events allow Iñigo and Natalia to meet people from all over the world and explore little wonders a little at a time. It turns out that most of the time, you don’t need to travel far to learn about different people and cultures. This year, Riding Time goes a step further and, inspired by ABR Magazine, creates a series of challenges throughout the year.

The goal is to encourage people to ride motorcycles and experience small adventures throughout the year and thus meet new people who share the same passion – Motorcycles, Travel and Adventure!