5 for a motorcycle adventure in the Eastern countries


We’ve been dreaming for three years, planning for one and we’ve been on the road for the last 5 days.
After putting up tents in Tudor’s living room, after bargaining sheep furs and “painting” our old motorcycles with brand new stickers we’ve managed to pull ourselves together, pack everything and leave for the big adventure.


Before leaving, in Munteni-Buzau


We headed towards our Moldova, towards Radauti, on a straight road which allowed us to think about all the things that we might have forgot and which we must urgently buy from the first gas station.
In the evening we set the base camp on the front lawn of Gabi and Sorina’s house, in Satu Mare (Moldova). We had spent time getting ready for wilderness, for cold and rain and in return we received a sunny day and a warm traditional meal on the front porch. So we started to relax. We even sent home with our friends, Alina and Cristi who came with us, a warm sweater or knee braces.


With Gabi and Sorina in Satu Mare (Suceava)


After such a day when you feel like droping all bags and leaving in a shirt, we calmed down and crossed the border. Ukraine got things real for us but it lasted just until the first gas station where we ordered in Romanian, exchanged lei and hid all valuable stuff (no, not in intimate places). We rode without stopping. We were all amazed by how beautiful can Ukraine be, by its forests, curved roads and cows. Radu was rather impressed by the toilet paper with Putin’s face.



Migs everywhere


In the end of the day we turned down a side road and Sasha appeared from nowhere inviting us in a fast ukrainian to camp in his garden. Denisa tells him we have 2 big plates and a small one but the man smiles and makes room for us between crops and fruit trees. He even gives us some potatos. We can’t figure out how to cook them on a primus so we boil them.



At Sasha’s Lodge


Later Serghei joins us with some beers as a starter and it’s time for Tudor to reveal the palinca (Romanian strong drink) hidden under his saddle. Alex takes all his things in the tent since there’s a long night ahead of us. All the stories we’re read along time come true. We all started talking in a ukrainian-romanian-palinca language. Radu is everybody’s best friend since he doesn’t drink a drop. One by one the heroes go to sleep. One single voice can be heard in the night and it’s Tudor’s perfect romanian: Come Sasha, let me show you where I live. Sasha understands nothing.
The next day it takes us a long time to get ready. Alex is convinced he’s not drinking again but 2 days later in Kiev he opens a bottle of tuica (another Romanian strong drink).


Leaving from Sasha’s place

We arrive in Kiev, we find a cheap hotel, a cafeteria around the corner and a very expensive Uber until the city center because where else can one find such a deal besides the outskirts. We can’t have it all. These are still the good days. The wild ones are yet to come.
At 6 in the morning somebody knocks the door. The night watchman tells us something about the motorcycle and we’re thinking, damn it, we had them all secured. After long explanations we understand he is worried about a missing sheep fusr on one of the bikes but Codrut sleeps with it near the bed so everything is alright.


Like an hip-hop band


Guys having fun. On a tank.


We received the Uzbekistan visa and we’re ready to leave for Moscow. Codrut dreams of riding 1000 km per day but Radu tempers him saying that his saddle will end up stuck to his butt. We’re packing again and nothing fits anymore.
We had the first hangover, the first dropping of the bike, and the adventure didn’t even start yet.”