The day is splendid, one September day, magnificent sun, soft air and early in the morning, the engines begin to roar, works of art of two and four wheels begin to arrive at the Quartel do Serra do Pilar. Public of all ages meets, once again, to celebrate the history of motors of years gone by; the engines are appreciated, the styles, one stares while another classic stars on the runway.

We’re talking about THE TIMERS MOTORSPORT REVIVAL MEETING – a gathering for the passionate about history and machines of the past. An incredible Festival with motorcycles, cars, music, art, street-food, PARTY – organized by the emblematic Ton Up Garage.

“The Timers is a kind of collection of the best that time gives us until nowadays and with the aim of not making from it a static exhibition but a meeting in movement; for this we create initiatives so that people are entertained throughout the whole weekend”

Daniel Cabral, Ton Up Garage

The 3rd edition of the festival featured NEXX Helmets as one of the main partners, sponsoring the first edition of the VINTAGE OFFROAD RALLY.

With the Serra do Pilar Barracks as host circuit, the VINTAGE OFFROAD RALLY by NEXX Helmets would be composed of two qualifying sessions on Saturday, which would select the fastest riders, with several opportunities to improve the results.

On Sunday, the finals – in two-man heats and elimination rounds – according to the results obtained the day before. All in a dirt track where only motorcycles with more than 20 years could enter.

The two-man heats marked the beginning of the event.
The show began. Heavy starts, a lot of dust, jumps, curves to skid, all at great speed and special celebrations at the checkered race flag; unprecedented duels between different types of motorcycle and riding styles – sent the crowds cheering.

After the competition, which despite its competitive character always maintained a friendly and of great chivalry spirit, the prizes were delivered. Among them, NEXX X.G200 helmets and a monetary prize for the big winner which would be reverted to the Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Porto Francisco Gentil (IPO).

At the same time, a NEXX X.G10, customized by the irreverent French artist Véronique Sauquere most known as Mama Custom, would be auctioned with the total amount raised to revert to the Salvador Foundation that acts in the area of motor disability.

In addition, Mama Custom would be the special guest of NEXX and Yamaha Motor who not only shared space (with X.Garage and Faster Sons lines respectively) but also in the Flat track organized by The Timers and the famous Italian school Di Traverso, led by Professor Marco Belli, a close friend of the living legend, Valentino Rossi.

All in all, it was a weekend full of emotions, historical motorcycle and car races and cars and with a warm public that joined massively to this event, of ludic character and solidarity!


Photography Credits: Manuel Portugal