NEXX Rider | André Sousa aka Ride That Monkey
Chapter #1 – Europe


When a good dose of madness and the adventurous spirit unite in perfect symbiosis, Man is capable of anything, including setting out to discover the world on a mini-motorcycle, a lot of stuff, little money and an unwritten book of stories to tell.

Our Rider André Sousa aka Ride That Monkey, with only 24 years old, may not have the biggest bike for this type of challenge but he will certainly have the greatest desire for adventure ever (and a screw loose)! In the summer of 2020, André Sousa went out for a ride and hasn’t come back until now!

He started the journey around the world on July 12, 2020 from Avis, Portugal. His goal was to be the first person to travel around the world on a mini-bike and this is still his challenge. The total trip will be 2 years, crossing all continents, visiting around 50 countries and approximately 50 thousand kilometers of pure adventure.
This X-PERIENCE will tell you how the Monkey traveled around the European continent, 20 countries and over 16 thousand kilometers, real testimonies of André Sousa during his stay in some of these places that not only served as check-points!

Passing through the European Hexagon!

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do…”

“In Monaco I couldn’t resist and had to put the Super Monkey on the formula 1 circuit (it is for cars) and yes, it had to be elbow down. Too bad Marquez is injured; I would have run a race for his money, although he had to carry his Honda RC213V with a tent and sleeping bag to make things fairer. A big thank you to the tourist who took the photo but, not so much to the Monaco police who wanted to fine me!”

“After leaving Monaco, I followed the Alps towards Turin, Italy. Unfortunately, one of the handles holding the back bags broke and I had to be very careful. Near Sospel, I felt a brutal impact on the back of the Monkey that made me slide 10 meters down the road, trapped under the bike. A car hit me and started to run. I wasn’t too hurt and Monkey was fixed but we don’t know who to trust to do the right thing when we’re out there.”

A visit to the corners of the cantons!

“One of the places where I enjoyed, even more, of the people’s hospitality. The Neuchatel motorcycle club organized an event for me where I raised 300 euros and went to Liechtenstein. In a fully loaded Monkey, the paths of Grimsel, Furka and Oberalp are a real challenge and very slow to cross!”

“Still in Switzerland, and 2429 meters above sea level. And if this hotel is still at the top, it’s because it made a brief appearance in James Bond – Goldfinger, next to a Glacier. I don’t know how Connery would have managed to deal with all these zigzags riding a Monkey. Peace to your soul!”

“The Portuguese motorcycling community in Switzerland had followed my project through Instagram. When I arrived at the border via Col de Saint Bernard, David was there to meet me and insisted on paying for all my fuel. When you walk alone in the world, you are never alone, even if you really travel alone!”

In the Slavic paradise. Time to rest and enjoy the nature!

“When I arrived in Croatia, I camped in the Novigrad area. The view was absolutely phenomenal and the beach was nudist. This photo was taken on the island of Hvar. It’s the highest point on the island and it took me an hour off-road to get there!”

The delayed participation in the 84 Winter Olympics, with a non-compliant vehicle for the sport…

“When crossing the border into Bosnia, a negative Covid 19 test was required, this was done and I continued on to Sarajevo where the 1984 Winter Olympics were held. Underneath the graffiti is an abandoned Bobsled track. Cool to see, better to ride, having said that, me and my Monkey did the same!”

The famous on the mountain beach!

“Not that you can call it a beach in paradise but it was great to spend a few days on the Albanian coast. As soon as I managed to get all the sand out of my boots, I headed to Tirana where I was once again being helped by people who followed my path through social media. I even gave interviews for Albanian television!”

An ancient Greek feast!

“I was in Greece for 4 weeks and I can’t be happier and more grateful to the Greek Motorcycling Federation (MOTOE) who organized my entire journey through this amazing country. From the Greek border, the hospitality was unbelievable. All Moto Clubs offered me Hotel, lots of food, lots of drinks and a phenomenal reception party!”

“Taking the Monkey on a jet plane is not a big task, it could even be hand luggage!”

At this moment, our André Sousa is already on other journeys, a new continent, a thousand new adventures, life chapters that we will present in the near future.

America, is it?


André Sousa aka Ride That Monkey