The Scram Africa is not only a trip. It’s an experience about overcoming, adventure and friendship. A journey for scramblers and customized bikes to the south of Morocco by roads, trails and dunes.

Organized by Fuel Motorcycles from Barcelona, this gathering is only for nostalgic riders!
The Adventure started embarking on the ferry Barcelona -Tangier. Then they cross all the country until the desert zone and from the south they cross again the country through the Atlas Mountains to Tangier. More than 2.500km in 8 days.

Night spent under the stars in traditional Berber camp.
Created to offer an enduring adventure, the Scram Africa is also a Charity Project. Basically, what the Scram Africa Crew do is try to help some kids from Morocco by giving them what they can’t have access. They coordinate with a local NGO and every year they stop at a school in a poor area and give everything to the management of that school.
The mission is to give back to the people of Morocco their hospitality and kindness.


“We play with the kids, talk with the teachers, and get back to our route. It’s a simple and nice act that reminds us that we are foreigners there; I see it as a kind of gift you bring when you go to someone else’s house.”
Karles Vives



This year’s edition, NEXX got on board this amazing adventure experience, equipping the Fuel crew with eight unique X.G200 helmets featuring Scram Africa artwork. In addition, one of these limited edition helmets was also auctioned online and all the money raised will be used to purchase medicines, sports material and school supplies for the community of the rural area in Morocco, as a part of the Scram Africa 2019.

The Nexx X.G200 Limited Edition auction raised 331€ and a school in needs is waiting for you.
Help us to make a better life for our friends in Morocco, spread the message!