Three women, different paths, just one destination!

What years ago, was designed as a blog that shared experiences with other women passionate about motorcycles, through trial/error or by chance, ended up bringing these three women together, one at a time. Currently, “FOXY RIDERS” are composed by Maria Duarte, Elisabete Carvalho and Juliana Pereira.

Distinct in their experiences and personalities, it’s as “Foxy Riders” that they share ideals such as adventure, companionship and the freedom to travel the road on a motorcycle.
They don’t identify themselves with the stereotype that women and motorcycles are ‘trendy’, or that women become more powerful and break taboos when they are not “riding behind”. They just want to be themselves and live their dreams to the fullest. The message is clear and light: “Girls just want to have fun on two wheels”, Foxy Riders motto. This trio lives each one at their own style and with different values ​​and experiences, they love a good adventure, a good interaction and above all, to travel.


Maria Duarte, designer, photographer, public relations, passionate about travel and new worlds, is above all, a woman of challenges.
At 7 years old her father affectionately gave her the nickname “Rebaldeira”, she knew for the first time the smell of gasoline and what was a “big motorcycle”, when her father arrived home in a Harley Davidson.

At 10, Maria already “stole” the gardener’s motorcycle and with an unabashed audacity she let herself be taken. This “precocious” awakening to freedom made Maria realize that by thinking and acting in a very own way, she was (and is) responsible for her happiness and her path, something that “normally” is the opposite of what society instils, especially in women. Maria’s passion is a 1994 Harley Davidson Dyna, which despite “competing” with so many other bikes, remains her favourite.


Juliana Pereira, Mechanical Engineer, life made her lead the family business, in Management and Production.
If there is a living example of versatility, it is her. Fighter, passionate about life and of course: a fierce traveller! It was also by the hands of her father that Juliana, aged only 12, and her sister had contact for the first time, with a Mini Puch. From that time, the world limits were as far as the Mini Puch deposit could take them. Then came the Sachs, Zundapp, Vespas … A real collection.
Although, the “license” only came years and years later…

After the motorcycle license, she fell in love with speed, synonymous of Triumph Daytona 675 (from 2006), which she bought at the age of 25. However, she has learned to enjoy riding on all types of motorcycles and will soon acquire a Benelli TRK 502 X from 2020. Despite all of thr above she loves the two classics restored by her father, a Famel Zundapp XF-17 and a Vespa 125 from 1960.


Betty, a social worker, coordinates a Social Action Office of a local authority in Porto. Nicknamed “Betty Butterfly”, because like the butterfly, she sees life as a process of transformation, made up of cycles, adventures and passions.
Betty is from Barcelos, she lives life based on happiness, love and lightness! On a daily basis, she rides her grandfather’s EFS GT Super, a classic that found a new life in her hands.

Her aunt’s Casal 2 was her first crush, she was 12 years old. Her cousins ​​and her brother would be the masters of the handlebar and the “guinea pig”, a DT … and she never stopped. Being the only girl among boys, she exercised her right, and rarely, someone other than her, managed to “get” the Casal. If you ask Betty what it is like to ride a motorcycle… Well… “Butterflies in the belly!”. Just like that, simple and light!


Nowadays, they don’t need to think; all they do is set out on the adventure, as they did on Lés-a-Lés Off Road, or on TonUp Garage’s Winter & Summer Ride, or just go down the avenue to see the Atlantic, sit, feel the sun and talk!


One of the most remarkable experiences was precisely Lés-a-Lés Off Road. They will never forget the hard training of Bianchi Prata, who sponsored them off-road. A preparation that challenged them physically, psychologically and, above all, led them to work as a team, during 3 intensive training days, and then, 3 consecutive days of testing, overcame.



Another amazing moment was their recent trip together after the first pandemic confinement. The desire to travel was so big that they would end up travelling the entire Costa Vicentina, Costa Algarvia and part of the N2, all on the same trip.
Whether it’s thousands of kilometres or a simple trip to the coffee shop, as long as they’re together, it’s always exciting.


For them, freedom is more than a word… More than the definition it contains, and as such, not being free from the word itself.
It’s this indomitable lightness of FOXY that leaves the traces of their tires on the roads, paths, in life… Unique marks, like their memories.


It’s the indomitable lightness of “being” FOXY RIDER!


Text: ‘Aí prá’s Curvas…’

Photography: Foxy Riders