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The uncontrollable desire to travel, combined with the passion for photography and video, motivated this young couple of NEXX Riders to create the “ADVANYWHERE” project, thus combining a mix of skills and work, in the realization of a common dream: to know the most fascinating places of the world, on two wheels.

Kewin and Ola, from Poland, demonstrate on each trip that adventure is a state of mind and that even the mundane things turn into a great discovery.

In this X-PERIENCE, we head towards Northern Europe, towards Norway – in search of the Northern Lights!

The trip to Norway, in addition to being a new destination, is the first trip for our Riders, together, on a single motorcycle. Being single-cylinder, in addition to a trip, a real challenge!

“To get even more out of our comfort zone, we just took a tent and a small portable gas stove.”

As they are not adept at strict rules while traveling, they are free to experience their adventures spontaneously, so they don’t waste much time planning the route!

“Due to the fact that Norway is closed to tourists most of the time, we follow the information and check every day if, as tourists, we are already allowed to enter the country. We prepared a list of places we want to visit and just a week before the trip, we bought the tickets for Sweden (Karlskrona). A few days later, we set off on a month-long trip through the country of the Vikings.”

“We spent our first Norwegian nights at Campsites because there are not many opportunities for wild camping, but once we got to more remote areas, we traded campsites for nature – foothills and mountain tops, rivers, waterfalls and forests!”

In Norway there is a law, Allemansrätten. This states that a person, as an integral part of nature, has the complete right to experience it in its fullness. This includes, hiking, bathing in rivers and lakes, tasting mushrooms and blackberries and even the ease of being able to sleep in almost any place, however, it should be done with ALL respect for nature!

“Although sleeping in a tent for a month sounds a bit like a challenge, we soon found that we didn’t miss our bed. Especially when on open nights they are surrounded by incredible natural phenomena!”

“While most travelers are focused on the Lærdal Tunnel, which is over 24km long, we admire a very rare phenomenon called ‘Noctilucent Clouds’ above it. These beautiful and unique clouds are the highest clouds observed on Earth as they are about 75km above the Earth’s surface! This phenomenon only occurs at the right altitude, in summer, when the sun is 6-16 degrees below the horizon.”

Our NEXX Riders have plenty of time to travel, but not enough time to get to know all the places they would like to visit, so they decide that this trip will be a kind of ‘recognition’!

“During one of the ferry crossings, we met two Norwegian motorcyclists who showed us the most scenic routes to go to Lofoten. Thanks to their advice we followed the FV17 route, that is, many additional ferry crossings, but also many breathtaking landscapes because the road is close to the coast and thanks to that, we can experience the immensity of the surrounding space.”

They cross the Arctic Circle and are very close to the main destination – Lofoten. They visit the city with the shortest name in the world, Å, where the scenic European route, E10, begins. They follow the same direction towards the beach of Rørvikstranda and from there to the town of Henningsvær.

“When we look at the map we realize that we have covered a good distance and Nordkapp seems to be just a few steps away, so we set a new goal – North Cape!”

“In Lofoten, a supernatural force unites water, mountains and sky. The fog covers selected areas that reveal themselves and after a while disappear again giving the sensation of being in a dream. Clouds are superimposed on the tops of the mountains, the surface of the water gently ripples, causing a mesmerizing sensation. It is impossible to remain indifferent to so much natural beauty, so we made the most of this moment!”

After Lofoten, they head to Senja Island where they decide to stay for a while to get off the bike and indulge in their other passion, hiking in the mountains…

“Although the vastness of Norway is impressive with every kilometer of road, it is better to feel this earthly space on foot. At one point, we pass the height of the clouds and something incredible appears before our eyes. Are we at the bottom of the ocean? An ocean of clouds flows freely into the Norwegian Sea creating a spectacular cloud cascade!”

Kewin and Ola finally arrive in Nordkapp, discovering at once that the North Cape is in a good mood that day because it doesn’t rain, nor is there as much wind as in previous days.

As is often the case during travel, it is possible to meet some interesting people who may influence plans. This time, they meet a Swiss motorcyclist – Daniel, with whom they quickly form a strong bond.

“During a conversation in the café, Daniel convinces us that it is worth spending the night in Cabo Norte. After all, how many times do we have the opportunity to spend the night in the open in the far north of Europe? After warming up in the tourist center, it’s time to rest… or take pictures, because we set up the tent and half of our team, instead of sleeping, goes with the camera and our new friend to hunt for the best landscapes.”

They head south to reach the ferry that takes them back from Karlskrona to Gdynia. The days go by, as they listen to their music on the intercoms, admiring the landscapes along the E6 road.

“We are definitely used to this lifestyle, even cooking, although it takes a lot of time and involves washing dishes, in the nearest frozen river!”

“Everything was going perfectly when suddenly, four days before the ferry back to Poland, we have a puncture… one Saturday, it’s past 4 pm and nobody works in Norway at this time. We started looking for someone who could help us and finally we called the insurance company. Unfortunately the insurance company is not very helpful, they provide a tow truck, but we discovered that the nearest workshop they can take us to is 300 meters away, that is, across the street, which is closed and only opens on Monday -market. The rain is getting stronger and we still have 1000 km to go. In 4 days it’s not a problem, but for that, if we can’t fix the tyre, we’ll have to wait until Monday to get help with the repair, and then it’ll be a problem if we take the ferry back to Poland. Unfortunately, the shop owner, who shows up two hours later, doesn’t want to help. We only have one key to unscrew the wheel. Kewin starts working and with some basic tools it starts to take the wheel off. However, this operation is unlikely to be successful without a proper machine and tools.”

“The weather gets worse and when we are about to look for emergency accommodation so we don’t have to be on the street, an old man comes up to us and asks in Polish if we need help, WE NEED IT SO MUCH!
We discover that the man is another employee of that same workshop and seeing compatriots in need, he does not hesitate to help. With his great help, we were able to quickly bring the situation under control. We found that the tire tube was stuck and slightly torn. A quick gluing, tire replacement, bag assembly and off we go! All this thanks to our guardian angel. It’s amazing how sometimes the world can help us and send such a good soul!”

With peace of mind, they slowly make their way to Sweden.

As they have some time, they visit Oslo, which is one of the three Norwegian cities where they stay the longest. The others are Ålesund and Tromsø.

“Each of these cities has its own architectural charm, be it more traditional or more modern. In Oslo, we are definitely more enchanted by the opera house, then the food as we are tempted to visit the Oslo Street Food Lounge and the My Ugly Baby donut shop. After a month of cooking on the road, we deserve a decent meal!”

At the end of their stay they go to a place they find by chance on Google maps. In fact, they never realized how this place appeared on the list of places to visit, since the beginning of the trip. The Husqvarna Museum!

“We have the opportunity to admire all kinds of motorcycles that have been built over the years, as well as shotguns and appliances. There are even sewing machines, fished from the depths of a lake! A really interesting place, perfect for the end of a motorcycle adventure.”

It’s time for the last ferry crossing, already out of the land of the Vikings, from Karlskrona to Poland, and our young couple has only one idea in mind: planning the next trips and discoveries!

“We still don’t know what the next trip will be, but we already have many destinations in our head!”

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