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Helmets for Life

There's a sound and fury
of our motorcycle.

The downshifts

The acceleration

We want to feel and hear
the whole thing

NEXX Helmets

Everything goes
in slow motion

We almost feel like

We are flying or floating

NEXX Helmets

we are living
in the moment

Anxiety, paranoia,
the past.
There is no room
for them.

It is the escape

NEXX Helmets

we know adventure is
just around the corner

And an invitation to
explore life lies in
every road.

we inhale
the mountains

NEXX Helmets
NEXX Helmets

we inhale
the ocean

the smell of

NEXX Helmets

Mud, Rain, Dirt,
Sand and Heat

We love and respect them all

Appreciating the small things

For those there
are grand rewards

and the people you ride with
either they are old mates...

NEXX Helmets
NEXX Helmets

a brotherhood
of strangers...

or the ones you
haven't met yet

NEXX Helmets

Are one big family.
Sharing each exhalation.

We come back
home changed

In the end what
matters the most
it is not whether

you are
the fastest

NEXX Helmets
NEXX Helmets

or the

or the

NEXX Helmets

The most important thing
is just that everyone
arrives home


We do not just engineer helmets,
we tech emotions.

Helmets for Life

is our motto, beyond protection, past excellence,
that any motorcyclist regardless of age or style
lives the moment they wear NEXX