We have been campaigning about HELMETS FOR INDIA for some time. Let us explain what it is and why it is really important:

Helmets for India is a charity initiative to change safety situation and culture for motorcyclists in India. Safe ride for everyone, everywhere!


Image of India for Helmets for India



India has among the most unsafe roads in the world.

Each day 192 motorcyclists die in India

Most motorcycle deaths are a result of head injuries. Wearing a motorcycle helmet results in:

– 40% reduction to risk of death
– 70% reduction to risk of heavy injury

According a survey conducted by a private insurance company “nearly 57 per cent of two wheeler owners in India ride motorcycles without a helmet and as many as 74 per cent of pillion riders neglect to wear one”.

As a Motorcycle Helmet manufacturer we just cannot believe how nowadays people recklessly avoid wearing helmets or even don’t care about to put one on their kids and minors, that they choose to ride with on a motorcycle!

Helmets save lives.




Helmets for India will use the power of art to globally unite the motorcycle community to raise awareness for the cause and provide at least 1,000 helmets to people in need.

So, we will donate some of those helmets to people who urgently need a helmet to ride safely through India.

Safe ride for everyone, everywhere!



“The size of your Adventure is not depending on the size of the engine.” – Niels Peter Jensen


The campaign and charity initiative has been conceptualized by Niels Peter Jensen, a former Extreme Sports Athlete, nowadays, TV Host, Designer and NEXX Rider!

For more than 20 years, Niels travelled around the world as an athlete. He loves to meet people and explore places. His lust for life drives him to ever new goals and to realize the most extraordinary projects. Packing school lunches as a Dad of 4 always checks him back into balance and teaches him the love for detail.

In one of his travel to India, a two-wheel family accident, including a minor (all without wearing helmets) marked him profoundly. That day, he decided we would not be a mere spectator and he could actually do something to help to eradicate this kind of negligence.

With the help and support of NEXX, as well as other industry brands and amazing artists from around the globe, HELMETS FOR INDIA pretends to be a turning point – AND save lives by making people wear helmets.



25 helmets customized by artists from around the globe – how can it sound better?

The crafted helmets by well-known artists will be presented at the most celebrated motorcycle events in India, the US and all over Europe during 2019.



For the HELMET ART SHOW NEXX will have 5 helmets, customized by 5 incredible artists:



D Face aka Dean Stockon - Helmets for India

D*Face a.k.a Dean Stockton has been a leading figure in Urban Contemporary Art, inaugurating his career on the streets over 15 years ago by hand-drawing stickers and posters, adhering them all over the streets of London and beyond for the unsuspecting public to discover, he is one of the best-known figures to rise from the British scene having had a constant leading presence throughout its meteoric rise into popular culture.


Sami Graystone / Physical Graffiti

Sami Graystone / Physical Graffiti - Helmets for India Artist

Meet this talented lady. Hailing from Yorkshire Sami Graystone is not only one hell of a rider but she’s also an amazing illustrator with an incredible t-shirt line under her belt called The Meat Hook.

Throw in the fact that she’s the lead singer in the girl duo Zealous Doxy and you get one all-around talented lady.


Carsten Estermann

Carsten Estermann - Helmets for India Artist

Since the beginning of 2012, Carsten Estermann became mainly dedicated to the engraving of classic cars and mopeds.

Sign painting, typography, skateboard designs, and tattoos inspire him as much as hot rods, low riders, classic mopeds, and old Volkswagens.
Each one of his hand-made engravings is unique, no matter the motif is.


Shivaji Ghosh / Moto Machao

Motomachao - Helmets for India Artist

MotoArtists. Motorcycle Obsessors. That’s how Shivaji Ghosh and the collective defines himself and Moto Machao. They custom paint helmets and tanks. They build collectibles out of scrap.

They don’t need to build an empire, they forge a rebellion which should outlive the emperor. Here’s to hours of sweat and smoked airways to create a custom piece.


Womeneoteric Customs

Satyaveni (Womeneoteric Customs)- Helmets for India Artist

Meet 24-year-old Satyaveni, a motorcycle rider who made a comeback after a life-threatening accident and is proving that one can emerge victorious if determined.

She is standing out and breaking all social barriers in India. She is making a mark and revelling in the journey of bikes. While her sister Sangeetha outlines people’s stories, she paints and styles them on the fuel tanks.

Just let them know your life journey story and they will create the best design for you!







Together with Niels-Peter Jensen, a team of motorcycle enthusiasts will travel through India to raise awareness for the cause and hand out helmets to motorcyclists and families in need.

The team will spend the first few days in Mumbai where the project’s first Helmet Art Show will be held at Moto Art Show. Customized helmets by artists from all over the world will be the star of the art exhibition along with moto art from local Indian artists.


One bike ridden from Bombay to Goa, will be customized together with local customizer to symbolize the newly arising connection between the European and Indian motorcycle community. After the tour, this bike will be presented at numerous events across Europe.

Photo Credits: @caro72happy – C.Perron The Happy Illustrator


From the world famous Gateway of India in Mumbai, the crew will start their tour towards Goa. Along the way, the team will hand out helmets to people in need and also visit local motorcycle enthusiasts, builders and local heroes to raise awareness for the cause.

Once the team arrives in Goa, there will be a get together with local motorcycle community at Royal Enfield Garage Cafe to share experiences of the first charity adventure road trip through India.



Photography Credits: Helmets for India

* Based on WHO Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015